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Just Poppin' Up

It's funny how limitations breed innovation. I'm currently writing from the confines of my home office where I've been quarantined during this Covid-19 pandemic. The past month has been a whirlwind of postponements of my client's 2020 Toronto weddings.

The anxiety, the uncertainty, and then, the spark of imagination. What if...

It's the What ifs and the What nows that inspire the best ideas. Many of our Couples just simply didn't want to wait yet still wanted to celebrate the day in style, albeit on a smaller scale.

'Lish (my girl Alisha from Events by Whim), was at the back of the same boat, bringing up the rear of disappointed brides. Together, we thought, how can we bridge the gap between a quarantine that temporarily forbids the gathering of people, a simple city hall wedding, and the new reality that smaller, intimate affairs are going to be the thing for the next little while.

And just like men who make fire, we are both so happy (and a little chest thumping proud) to bring to the City of Toronto, an Elopement Series that have been carefully curated to feature some of the most creative, highly skilled, and just the best darn personalities this city has to offer.

We're introducing 2 types of Elopement services:

A series of themed, pop up weddings hosted in exclusive and unique small venues throughout Toronto and an In Home Elopement for literally, just the two of you, plus 50 of your closest people on Zoom!

I'm so EX-CI-TED to share them, I especially had a lot of fun designing out the Rhapsody Elopement (for the Boho Bride that loves 70s inspired with a twist in design elements including pastels, wood accents, and dried flowers).

We have tentative dates on hold and will release them once we have more direction from Public Health. In the meantime, if you want to get on our waiting list, connect with us here

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